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The Bong

Probably the most popular and beloved smoking device in the history of human smoking use. Some go as far as to name their bong. We collect and sometimes decorate our bongs, and we mourn our loss when they go to pieces. Water bongs provide the coolest and smoothest smoke. If you are thinking of smoking , then this may the best way to enjoy the clean taste of your favorite herb. These devices look sophisticated on the outside as they contain several parts which work together performing one euphoric task.


Glass pipes

Hand crafted by expert glass blowers who have a great deal of experience in making high quality glass artifacts. The process essentially involves heating the glass to very hot temperatures to make it malleable and then manually blowing it out into various shapes. It is in this process that color is added. The glass is then tempered to ensure that the hardness is retained. When it comes down to hand blown glass, the object needs to be brought to room temperature gradually. If the temperature will drop suddenly, the glass will turn brittle. Specially designed ovens ensure that the cooling process is done gradually.

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The Bubbler Pipe

The smoking pipe which is available in various glass works. These pipes can be considered as great pieces of art. The Bubbler Pipe is not only a piece of art but a very functional smoking pipe. The pipe offers bubbles of smoke which is done by the use of water. When a good rip is caused, the smoke goes down through the tube to the water which makes the bubbles of smoke. It comes with a combo to filter the smoke. Water pipes are a great way to experience a smoother, more pure smoking process.  Water filters the air and cools the smoke creating a  relaxing, easy hit.

Glass and acrylic bongs offer a cleaner, healthier method of smoking your favorite plant.  Using the four elements of earth, fire, water, and air, bubblers and their friends take full advantage of all nature has to offer.

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Acrylic Bongs

The Acrylic Bongs are always ideal for the beginners. The amateurs who are new to smoking from water pipes can consider smoking from this bong. They are affordable and are easy to maintain. Because of the unique plasticity of acrylic manufacturers have considerable leeway in terms of form and design. They come in variety of colors and are unbreakable. You can consider buying these if you want a cheaper bong which accompanies you through your smoking lifetime.

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Steam Roller Pipes

Steam Roller pipes are not for the amateur smoker; it is mainly reserved for the professional toker that can handle his own.  It is not a rookie device because of its well-known powerful hits. It is like smoking from a bong without having water in it. These pipes have a resemblance from the wheel of a steam roller train. A Steam Roller Pipe is made from the finest borosilicate glass, under the highest quality standards. The quality of the glass thickness is tested before it leaves the workshop, and it is oven-tempered to ensure it is tension-free and of the highest quality possibly attainable.  The Steam Roller Pipe is perfectly portable and has extremely high functionality.  It has two ‘legs’ to stand it on when it’s not being used, and its design makes it one of the finest smoking implements known to humankind.


Super-Nova-Rotating-Hookah-6-Red-Glass-Blue-Nammor-Hose-L                              A-Hookah

The Hookah

The great water pipe for smoking tobacco. It comes with single and multi-stem options. The hookah originated in the Middle east from countries including India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The hookah allows you to smoke through water which is contained in a bowl. A hookah is a great way to share a nirvanaesque experience with good friends.

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Killer Bongs

The most ruthless collection among bongs. These are the affordable bongs which provide an extreme smoking experience recommended for smokers that want to push their limits. There are various types of Killer Bongs available like The Ripper, The Straight Shooter and Mr. Black

Whether it’s a bubbler pipe or a steamroller pipe, acrylic bongs or a water pipe, we have the finest quality pieces at the cheapest price.